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  1. Club Cocktail is a unit of Cocktail Vacations.
  2. We provide Guaranteed* Accommodation at our specified locations.
  3. Request for reservations needs to be provided At least before 2 days of the travel.
  4. Package can be taken in Two names as “Applicant” and “Co-Applicant” and it Includes services for a family of max 2 Adults + 2 Kids (below 12 years) for India & Asia. Extra person travelling cost have to be paid directly while travelling to the destination. For US, Europe, Australia, New Zealand We will provide accommodation for 2 Adults + 1 kid (below 10 years), any additional person travelling needs to be paid directly at the property booked.
  5. Bookings can be made in the name of Main Applicant or in Spouse’s name or in Children’s name. Applicant’s Parents and Children up to the age of 25 years are also eligible to use this package.
  6. Club Cocktail will provide you 4* or 5* properties on1 Holidays, as mentioned in our information Brochure or properties equivalent to that standard.


  1. Package duration is for 5 years from the Month of enrollment. Also the required documents should be completed and the minimum Down payment realization should also be in effect.
  2. Member will get 30 Nights Entitlement in next 5 years tenure.
  3. Maximum Days Utilization in a year is 6 Nights Limit for Domestic Package Holders & Gold package Holders.
  4. A Platinum package holder can take Next year’s advance (Once in whole tenure), in case he/she is planning for a holiday trip at US/Europe/Australia or New Zealand
  5. An unutilized Days in any year can be accumulated to be used in the upcoming year. Accumulation shall not increase 18 days, in any year, including the current year’s entitlement. Any days in excess to 18 days’ accumulation, would be automatically lapsed.
  6. You can enjoy Stay for even 1 night while Holidaying in India, And for International Holidays, a minimum of 2 nights’ utilization is required.



  1. Applicant can avail of a holiday by giving request for reservation in a form as may be prescribed by Club Cocktail from time to time. He can send a written request from his Registered Email ID in Club Cocktail records, updated at the time of enrolment. Request needs to be sent on reservations@theclubcocktail.com. Also, Reservation department would be available on phone as well, for the service.
  2. Once the booking request is received by Club Cocktail, the Reservation Team will provide ample properties of 4* / 5* standard at the required place and for the desired dates.
  3. Applicant can Book max of 2 rooms at the time from his/her account, keeping in mind the prescribed Limit for utilizing the maximum number of days in a year.
  4. Bookings once made will not be modified / cancelled, unless and until any unavoidable circumstances like natural disasters or on critical medical grounds.
  5. Members have to pay additional charges if reservations are required between 23rd December to 7th January (Christmas / New Year Eve). Charges for Domestic Bookings would be additional Rs. 2999/- per night per room. For countries included in Gold Package, charges would be 90USD per night per room and for countries in Platinum package, charges would be 150 USD per night per room. In India, few 4* / 5* properties may charge you Compulsory Gala Dinner charges on Christmas & New Year Eve.


  1. Applicant have to pay an annual maintenance charge of INR 6000 Every year, irrespective of the usage of the Holiday membership.
  2. For India, Week classification chart is provided to you in the Informative brochure. It is the division of the entire calendar year into Mid & Peak season categories. A Mid-Season Package owner is Not eligible to book holidays in Peak season. A Peak season owner can make reservations in Mid-season and would be applicable to enjoy Days Multiplier of 1.25 nights of Mid-season against 1 night of their Peak season.



  1. Club Cocktail doesn’t have any property of our own, and do provide accommodation at different places through our B2B sources & through Bulk inventories purchased.
  2. All mentioned properties in our Informative Brochure belong to their respective owners.
  3. An Applicant is admitted as Member of Club Cocktail upon the realization of Down Payment to Club Cocktail. We may at the request of the Applicant, agree to receive the balance Package price in installments under our various payment plans. In case of Installment payments, the Applicant shall provide post-dated cheque and further binds himself / herself / itself irrevocably to pay the installment amount and undertake to ensure due and prompt payment under the installment scheme.
  4. Holiday Start Date would be after the completion of minimum 30% payment realization of your Package value.
  5. Withdrawal of Application: Members are allowed a period of 10 (calendar) days from the date of Club Cocktail’s realization of the Down Payment to withdraw their Package application and claim a FULL REFUND.
  6. The certificate of Purchase shall be sent by Club Cocktail to the Applicant within 30 working days after the expiry of the 10 working days from the date of realization the Down Payment unless Club Cocktail has received a request for withdrawal from the Applicant.
  7. Transfer of Package ownership: An Applicant can anytime Transfer their package ownership to any individual. In that case, the Package would be transferred to the New Applicant for the remaining tenure and for the remaining number of unused Nights left over in the account. An applicable Transfer fees needs to be paid by the Existing Applicant would be 25% value of the prevailing rate of the owned category of package, inclusive of Taxes.
  8. Booking, split, accumulation, advancing, transfer shall be governed by procedural rules as specified by Club Cocktail from time to time.


  1. The Applicant hereby agrees to purchase product Club Cocktail Holiday Package under this application and Club Cocktail accepts the same, subject to the terms and conditions of the Applicant.
  2. Applicant has understood the benefits available under this application which are more particularly listed out in this application. Applicant further understands that no benefits other than those listed in this application will be available to the Applicant.
  3. The Applicant understands that he/she are bound by rules & regulations of Club Cocktail and as duly amended from time to time. The decision of the management of Club Cocktail would be final in all matters.
  4. On signing this application with Club Cocktail, the Applicant consents to Club Cocktail regularly reaching out on phone / email / mail / sms, updates on new schemes & other value additions even if the Applicant is in the TRAI regulated DND. The Applicant understands that he/ she should furnish their change of address, telephone numbers etc., if any to Customer Care department, to keep Applicant’s record up to date.
  5. Applicant understands that this application (in the printed form only) SUPERCEDES any communication whether written or oral or any variation or hand written remarks rewriting the printed application made by the agents and/or representatives of Club Cocktail or Applicant to this application and/or any other written communication issued by Club Cocktail representatives (including on company letterhead or STAMP PAPER). Further Applicant understands that the benefits and terms and conditions of the vacations as set out in this application are final and binding on Club Cocktail and the Applicant.
  6. Applicant confirms that no other verbal/written promises or any other assurances in deviation from this agreement have been made by Club Cocktail personnel.
  7. Applicant hereby declares that particulars given above are true, correct and are completely in order. If any transaction is delayed or not affected at all for the reason of incomplete information, Applicant shall not hold Club Cocktail responsible for any loss/damage/inconvenience caused due to the same. The Applicant shall, within 30 days from shifting to any other residence apart from the address mentioned in this application, shall intimate the same to Club Cocktail at the address mentioned in this agreement regarding the new address along with address proof.
  8. Applicant acknowledges and confirms that all the Terms and conditions of Club Cocktail, shall be fully and completely binding on Applicant on signing of this application by Applicant and that any further amendments to the same shall also be binding on the Applicant.
  9. Applicant acknowledges that Applicant has been treated pleasantly and courteously and Applicant entered into this application at its free will and accord and there is no compulsion or coercion or undue influence exercised by Club Cocktail and/or its agents/representatives.
  10. Applicant hereby confirms that Applicant has gone through the aforesaid Terms and conditions and Benefits/obligations and Applicant has understood and accepted the same.


  1. It is agreed that in the event of any dispute, claim or differences arising under this application, the Applicant shall contact the Customer Care Department of Club Cocktail at info@theclubcocktail.com or at +91 8000936393.
  2. “All disputes arising out of relation to the present application shall be subject to exclusive and sole jurisdiction of the court (The Definition of the Courts includes the District/State/Consumer forums also) situated at Ahmedabad, Gujarat alone and nowhere else since theapplication is entered between Applicant and Club Cocktail into Ahmedabad for all material purpose and by virtue of present application the jurisdiction of all courts is excluded by the Applicant and Club Cocktail except for court situated at Ahmedabad Gujarat alone. The Applicant is hereby unconditionally and irrevocably agreed the place of jurisdiction for adopting any kind of Legal recourse will be at Ahmedabad Gujarat”.
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